FastBridge High Frequency Words 50

FastBridge High Frequency Words 50

Check List***



not      just        your     out     by


on        to            two       big    had


up         like        was       did     we


my       what     for        him    can


be          it            she        at         all


in          but         you       food     the


too        or          is          so          are


will       he          some   me         if


  a          day      have      one       and


make      I        look         little     school                   




High Frequency Words: The learning target is to be able to read a random list of High Frequency Words. Example: the  by  you   is  etc. from a total list of 50 words. 

FastBridge Spring Bench Mark Goal: 20 words/minute

Suggested Activities for Practice* J

Create Flash Cards with words and play “Memory Match Game”,Beat the Clock”, “High Frequency Word Hunt” using any text: the newspaper, magazines & Reading Street Take Home Books. Target a word and use a yellow marker to highlight the word.  

Memory Match:  Place cards down face up.  Mix them.. and then find the ones that match and say the word.  How many matches can be found and read in one minute.. must read them.  J

High Frequency Word Sort** Place cards on the table face up…Sort words by beginning sounds and digraphs (/th/ & /sh).  ** How many words can be sorted then read in 1 minute. J

Beat the Clock:  create a page of high frequency words and see how many can be read in 1 minute.  J

Create a High Frequency Check Word Check List***

* Circle missed words for additional target word practice** with above activities. J