Bench Mark Goals for ELA
Dear Parents,

All students will be assessed for Early Literacy Skills in Kindergarten.  These assessments are given in the Fall, Winter and Spring of the school year.  They help determine your child's progress with essential skills for reading and they help to develop learning goals and curriculum needed for your child's success.

The initial DIBELS/Aimesweb screening is given in September in Letter Naming and First Sound Fluency.  An additional developmental screening is also given.  The results of these screenings will be shared with you during parent conferences after Kindergarten Orientation.   Progress monitoring will help check to see if your child is progressing and making adequate progress towards the Winter Bench Marks in January and Spring Bench Marks in May.
Winter Bench Marks and Spring Bench Marks consist of additional target areas.  A sample of the skill expectations is given below.   We will work closely to target and master essential reading skills to ensure your child's preparedness and success for First Grade and the Common Core Standards.


January Bench Marks & Spring Bench Marks

Letter Naming:  Identifying capital and lowercase letters A-Z randomly.

Example: a p I l m e I Z R p W o C

January Bench Mark Goal: 27 or > /minute       

Spring Bench Mark Goal: 40 or >/minute

First Sound Fluency:  Producing the beginning sound in a word.

Example:  bat.. /b/   house… /h/    mirror… /m/    shoe… /sh/

January Bench Mark Goal:  30-60 sounds/minute   

****There is no Spring Bench Mark Goal for First Sound Fluency

Phoneme Segmentation Fluency:  Sound Segmentation of a word.

Teacher says a word and the child chops out the sound segmentation.

Example: bee: b-ee,    wait: w-ai-t    plays:  p-l-a-y-z

January Bench Mark Goal: 18 or >/minute     

Spring Bench Mark Goal: 35 or >/minute

Nonsense Word Fluency:  Producing letter sounds to nonsense words and reading them by blending sounds together.

Example:  maj   rom   bup   vom

January Bench Mark Goal:  13 or >/ minute      

Spring Bench Mark Goal:  25 or > /minute

** We will continue to progress monitor your child’s progress**

Please continue to review and practice these skills. J

**If you have any questions or concerns you may reach me by

phone: 413-499-9554 or by email:

                                    JMrs. Lis